Friday, June 17, 2011

Digital Silver Prints

As you already know I'm crazed about BW photography. And the prints of course, as the final result. Some said photography is not complete until you print the result.
I always admire the works of old masters like Cartier-Bresson, Ara Guler and the like, they are timeless.
In the past, if we shoot digital, its rather difficult to make true black and white print. By 'true' I mean the classic silver halides paper which has been used for over a hundred years. And it can last a hundred more. I've tried shooting film, and not too fancy about it. For me, digital offer much more convenience with only little trade off.
Now.. Mpix and DigitalSilverImaging (DSI) are two companies I know that can produce silver prints from digital files. I've tried Mpix before and quite satisfied with the result. However Mpix don't have fiber based paper, unlike DSI. So a few days ago I contacted them through Facebook and it turns out they have 50% discount promotion this month for Resin Coated (RC) paper. Eric is a friendly guy who own DSI, he is very helpful too. So I'm going to order some prints and see how it goes :)

Fairy Chimneys
FYI, if any of you are looking for BW conversion software, DSI is also NikSoftware's resellers. They have the cheapest SilverEfex pricing you can find on the online! If only I found out about their offer earlier!

Addendum : they are TOP's printer for the current print offering, you might want to get one ;)