Friday, January 28, 2011

I just pulled the trigger

For this one in the evilBay. *sigh*

Hey at least it is a good investment *excuse* $175 for a good body that comes with box and manual I'd say it is not a bad deal. Now I have to find a matching lens for it.. muahahahaha!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I want a compact camera. Preferably a rugged mechanical one. Not film though. Something Leica-ish but not as big, and definitely not as expen$$i$ve! I was thinking about the new Fuji x100 but upon reading that the focus allegedly fly-by-wire, I was put off.
Okay.. enough daydreaming. I should go out more and shoot instead of buying more gears and books.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Went on an outing this morning in Chinatown. I want to go to a lot of places but I don't have time to visit them all. So now at least I can write off this place from the list :) I find the place quite interesting, but to get better pictures, I guess I have to engage my subject more closely.

Chinese new year is two weeks from now. So naturally the place was bustling with people looking for gifts.


Curious Onlooker

Drawing Artist

Old and New

My Cozy Little Corner

10.000 Buddhas
I didn't count it by the way

Monday, January 24, 2011


Writing a book is not as hard as I imagine it would be. Especially if you really like the subject. Plus there are 1700+ shots with EXIF information to help me remember the time-line and stories.
Anyway.. at last I bought Peter Turnley's Parisian and Ara Güler's Istanbul. Talk about astronomical prices. If they ever decided to reprint the books I shall whack them on their heads XD But I guess its pretty much justified because they are both accomplished photographers. Ara Güler is a Magnum Photographer, and a friend of the late Henri Cartier-Bresson. I wish I knew about him prior to my vacation to Turkey last year. I'd visit him in his cafe. :(

PS: Ara Guler's is out of stock now. I bought the last edition on Amazon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I went to the OMM concert on Saturday. All I can say is I was flabbergasted. I think it was the first time I watch a full orchestra five rows away from the stage. The richness, and variety of the sound. The unity and intensity of the artist. Its just.. superb, a feast for the ears! Can't wait for 2012 concert! Among the best scores are Star Trek, Ben Hur, Star Wars. John Williams rocks! I would definitely put him as one of the best composer in the 20th century.

When I think about it, I would shudder to imagine what heaven would be like if we have such a beautiful music even in this world. And one can pursuit just a single sensory experience in a lifetime, whether its music, photography, or culinary, and still found wanting*.  I shall recommend C.S.Lewis sermon titled Weight of Glory to read.

*Europe should be a good place to get all three ;-)

My humble attempt at landscape ;)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Hopeful New Year!

Major events in 2010
- Went to Turkey, my first 10 hours away holiday!
- Found out mom is sick.
- I got baptized! On 26th December no less! (after years of hesitation)

I still try to get my act together though.

This year realized that I have to set a clear goal, and work hard on it. Otherwise I will not achieve anything in my life.
So my 2011 goals would be :

- More travel.. Japan, Italy or London.
- Better job, the one that I can use my talent in
- Get a wife maybe? :P *cross fingers*

And the three years Oracle ERP project implementation will not go live this year. It might as well canceled. Millions of dollars have been spent so far. So now I understand why those 'Change Agents' get paid pretty well, and why change management is hot.

Anyway.. welcome 2011!

Impressionist Style
Credit to FotoSketcher