Friday, January 20, 2012


Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection. From what I've read all over the internet, employees and management consultants gives similar explanation, that they brought it upon themselves. I don't deny that they have great products, but that alone won't make them successful forever. They need to take care about other things like marketing, customer relationship, etc.
Its sad to see their decline, but I really think technology will eventually fills in the gap that film left. I think the only thing that digital have to catch up is the highlight roll off. Many people talking about film color rendering, but with a good color profiling, that should be no problem. That being said, the best time to live is now, its time to move on.
Or watch a movie.. Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Printing Experience

So.. after just a few prints I notice that my ink cartridges are almost empty!

I search the web for explanation for some time. Eventually I stumble into this on a third party ink website.

The easiest method to install Piezography inks on the R3000 is by installing them into the printer as it's first set of inks. The reason for this is that when the R3000 is first turned on and ink cartridges are installed for the first time, the printer performs an ink initialization which pulls in about 15ml of ink from each cartridge into the ink dampers, the ink lines, and the print head. This is not much different than that of the Epson Pro 3880 - and this printer shares many of the same components.
Quite a shock.. but OK.. that explains it, so I can move on and sleep peacefully :) 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exciting Year!

2012 might not be a good year for some people. Financial meltdown, job loss, and there's the 21st December.
But not so for the photographic world, even at the start of the year, we're seeing D4 from Nikon, X-Pro1 from Fuji, and Lightroom 4 beta from Adobe.
Lightroom 4 now include a book module, and reworked sliders. A little bit confusing at first. You have to decrease the black slider if you want darker tone.

X-Pro1 is a particularly exciting camera, given the promise of higher DR from Fuji EXR sensor technology. It could be that digital will be able to produce film look at last.

Well.. come to think of it, some people will get poorer this year. Man.. I'd better not make any budget related resolution this year.. LoL

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Back to work (or first post! (of 2012 :))

After a week of Christmas-New Year holiday I finally get back to work. I now practically have zero time for my personal muse. 

Two good books I recommend reading :

Who's in Charge?
Free Will and the Science of the Brain
Rational Optimist
by Matt Ridley
Rational Optimist
I've always been a pessimist, so naturally I have reservations about this book heheh. Early chapters of this book explains about the exchange of ideas, and later on, trade, which send me asleep. What can I say, I get bored easily, so I ventured to read other books, which brought me to the next book. Matt is sort of against the green movement, but given the facts, I think is justifiable. I must say this is a good book to start a year with optimistic outlook (hurry.. before 21st December LoL)

Who's in Charge
But after reading few chapters Mike's book, I can't help being fascinated on how our brain works and relate to Matt's explanation about how ideas exchange evolution. The fact that our brain consist of multiple processing centers working autonomously in parallel is rather amazing.

But as usual.. I haven't finish both books, and few others. So I'll write another time.

In other news, I got a new phone with my plan re-contract. Cost me $0, and it works great