Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ok so the bomb is dropped. I have to relocate for work, otherwise my boss will let me go.
Well, in a way, its a good thing because I need to move forward with my life.
I've been stuck for quite a long time in my current job. I see no advancement nor work satisfaction in terms of meaningful achievement. In other words, I just work for money, and my boss' money. I don't feel like I have helped anyone in a meaningful way.
Now I have a chance to do real work again, meet new challenges. I have a lot of options in front of me, but I can say that I'm a bit afraid. And uncomfortable with the changes that lies ahead of me.

Anyway, in this slow and boring weekend with nothing to do, I'm kind of in the middle of two good books.

End This NOW! Quiet

Who knows economist is so important. Since my college days, I thought that economist does nothing but talking and promoting their opinions. Which.. sort of true in a way. What I didn't realize is that how much impact they make on peoples' life when some world leaders or monetary authority listen to them. (PS: I went to the Economics faculty myself, being an accountant by education.)

The second book is about introverts, their traits, and how to use their "power". The author thinks that the world tends to be 'extroverted'.. or in favour for extroverts. I've read only the opening chapters.. but its a very interesting one.