Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slow hand

Took some night shots tonight after dinner. I think my steady hand limitation is only about 1/20 - 1/15. Anything slower, the picture will be blurred. LoL. I understand why people say tripod is an essential gear for night photography, but for me its too cumbersome. I had a few successes with 1/10 or so, depending on luck :)

Lucky shot, sharp at f1.7, 1/20s

The next camera I will own shall have IS.

On a side note, I think DSLRs are becoming common these days. I saw at least ten people with DLSR just tonight. There was even a girl whipped out her DSLR out of her handbag!
I attended an event, and the place was swamped with photographers. Not mentioned the ones who shot at well... awkward angle. OK maybe its not that unusual.. but please wear a more fitting attire?

Not mentioned photographers are ruining the scene. I mean.. where can I get a clear shot without those guys in the picture?

Can you count how many photographers with SLR in the picture ?

Even this kid have an SLR...

Yes.. really!

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