Friday, July 08, 2011

The prints are here!

Ok so few days ago the package from DigitalSilverImaging (DSI) arrived at my office. Its a huge package, and I think its a little bit overkill.

I got the 11"x17" fiber based print (bottom right) free of charge, courtesy of Eric Luden, founder of DSI. I was a little bit disappointed. Not that the print is bad or something. Its just that I was expecting something different.
I was expecting something like my cotton paper platinum print from Carl Weese. This print has glossy appearance, which makes them looks closer to RC prints. In fact, I prefer the RC print looks.
Maybe its just my ignorance, but I'm heading to England next week to see the street photography festival (=


One thing I like about DSI is that the back of their prints are clean. No filename a la Mpix. Even if you are not a professional printer or art collector, the text print is a big no. It makes the print look cheap.

Queen's Cat
Properly framed

My thoughts :
  • The adhesive tapes for the packaging are bad.. it can accidentally stick to the prints
  • The prints are arguably looks better than Mpix ones, but it might be becauce I post process them differently

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