Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The 90/10 Rule

I have tons of photos right now in digital form, some 200 GigaBytes from around 20.000 pictures to be precise.
Some photographer throw 90% of their pictures and only keep what they deem as 'keepers'. But I see them as a documentary of my life's journey, it also serves as a journal for my photographic achievement and skill. And occasionally, one boring looking photograph can be turned into a stunning classic black and white, you'll never know.

Technological progress (like Lightroom 4!) also can salvage what you thought as bad picture into a beautiful one. Not necessarily because of bad technique or lack of skill, but often the limitation of our equipment and situation. Like this one.. I shoot with lens hood on, with reasonable aperture, and it still suffers from fringing at the corners. I am (or rather LR) still unable to fully correct the fringing, but man.. the colors and shadow details are stunning!

PS: and I shoot... RAW(R)!

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