Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year List

I have a few list for 2013. I think the first is my wish list
- a Kindle paper white perhaps
- the legendary Nikkor 70-200 VRII
- a travel trip to Japan / Europe / New Zealand / America
and lastly.. maybe a steady stream of income, or a job.. without which all of the above would be unaffordable (browser spell checker suggest that the word is non-existent.. seriously?!).
But I have learnt that I have been very privileged to live in this life. We have to put our self in perspective, looking at those who is less fortunate, and learn from the history.

I just bought free books (is there such paradox?) from Amazon Kindle store for new year's reading (although I suspect some of the books can go as far as the next new year)


Its quite odd that some of the books have actually changed price during this writing, which is just an hour afterwards, so be warned, and grab the free or bargain books while you can (not necessarily the above).

Another list I which passed my mind is of course, the usual goal and resolutions..
but I'm not putting myself on burden this time.. well.. at least not today. I do have TWO days left.

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