Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Hopeful New Year!

Major events in 2010
- Went to Turkey, my first 10 hours away holiday!
- Found out mom is sick.
- I got baptized! On 26th December no less! (after years of hesitation)

I still try to get my act together though.

This year realized that I have to set a clear goal, and work hard on it. Otherwise I will not achieve anything in my life.
So my 2011 goals would be :

- More travel.. Japan, Italy or London.
- Better job, the one that I can use my talent in
- Get a wife maybe? :P *cross fingers*

And the three years Oracle ERP project implementation will not go live this year. It might as well canceled. Millions of dollars have been spent so far. So now I understand why those 'Change Agents' get paid pretty well, and why change management is hot.

Anyway.. welcome 2011!

Impressionist Style
Credit to FotoSketcher

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