Friday, February 11, 2011

Achievement vs Enjoyment

Yesterday I was down with virus.. but I managed to go to work and finish at six nonetheless (I would like to give credit to a can of Pringles.. thank you.. I'll eat you no more! LoL) and today my stomach decide to rebel against me.
My friend decided to start shooting film because its fun. Sure its fun, but when you look the result.. well..its not so fun anymore. I think what he is really looking for is a sense of achievement. I mean, with film you have to carefully study the scene exposure and make good judgment before you shoot. Not so with digital, which do it for you in a split second, and better at it as well.
So if we capture a good picture with the film camera, we will get a sense of accomplishment because all of the effort that we have spent. But with the digital camera, the credit goes to the camera :) Sometimes the result is totally unexpected, in a good way of course.

For example, few weeks ago I went out and took some street shots. But the place was too crowded and it started to drizzle. I went home and feeling defeated. When download the pictures from the card today, they look good, and it captures the mood of the moment well!

The Temple

A Glowing Wish

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