Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pride and Prejudice.. and Film

Pride & Prejudice

I just replay Pride and Prejudice last night. I think it's one of the best movie about romantic Victorian era. It reveals about culture and norm of that period. And to say that Kiera Knightley has done a good job is a bit underwhelming. I think she is perfect for the role. Her face fits perfectly, its not strikingly pretty. But once you get past the surface, it will radiate elegance and beauty. And that is what the story is all about.. partly. What is fascinating about the Brits in Victorian era is their manner. Despite their feeling to whom they talk to, they will still show their respect and speak accordingly. I will certainly download the e-book version of the novel.

I've just bought a film camera..why did I buy it? Well.. first, a friend buy me into it :(
But then I like mechanical stuff, just like my self-winding automatic watch. Granted the FE-2 is not fully mechanical. And shooting film is not cheap, contrary to the general  opinion. I went on weekend to various processing lab and manage to obtain processing fee information. Lets just say, shoot enough rolls, you can buy yourself a decent digital SLR. But it's not about that. Shooting film is about selection, because every frame costs you. You don't waste any frame for insignificant shot.

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